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Gracie Barra St Peters @ NSW BJJ Summer Cup 2014

Yesterday our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu family went to our first competition at Sydney University Aquatic Centre.

We had Fatima and Gabriel competing for our Team and we all had an amazing time.

Gabz had a great fight and for reasons totally unknown to us, the referee decided to stop the fight after 3 minutes and declared his opponent, who was winning, the victor. We all got very upset about this decision, but at the same time we were very happy to have Gabz representing our Team for the very first time.


Fatima also competed in the purple belt division (Gi and no Gi). Unfortunately, she was disqualified on the Gi for stopping the fight. On her no Gi match, she won by submission (arm-bar) and took gold. Our very first medal in a competition!


Leila and Yasin (Gracie Barra Hornsby/St Peters) also competed and made Gracie Barra very proud. Yasin got silver after wining his first  two fights on points and losing his third to a boy a lot bigger and more experienced (gray belt) than him. Leila won both fights by submission, taking the gold medal.



We are very proud of  you and we thank you for representing our team so well.


Gracie Barra got FIRST PLACE in adult (Gi) confirming the strength of our Team.

GB 1st

We would also like to thank everyone who went there to support us and make that day very special.

I can not wait for all of you to be competing and representing our Team/Family. All united and strong.



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