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The importance of wearing a rash guard

Importance of rash guard

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We all know we must wear a t-shirt or rash guard underneath our uniform while training, but do you know the importance of wearing a rash guard?

  • Reduce the spread of bacteria. In the gi, it is common practice to open the gi in order to destabilize your opponent, setup for gi chokes, or to use as leverage for a pass. Additionally, during intense rolling, the gi will naturally open, exposing your opponent’s chest. This exposes as much as 40% more skin surface area and increases the change of bacteria exchange exponentially.
  • Reduce the amount of cut and abrasions, on your chest and arms, and prevents mat burns. Gracie Barra Gis are made with a strong and durable material made to last,  but it also creates a lot of friction. Wearing a rash guard diverts a certain amount of this friction to the rash guard decreasing your skin contact with the Gi.
  • Muscle Compression may prevent injury. There have been several studies on how wearing a rash guard after rolling can speed up injury recovery due to the compression of the muscles. Just as there are compression braces that reduce injuries of the knees and ankles, rash guards may also reduce the occurrence of minor acute injuries.


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