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Starting life with great habits is one of the best indicators of future achievement in life. What we’ve found at Gracie Barra St Peters is that the younger students who join us develop quite rapidly and aside from becoming fitter and healthier, they develop passion for exercise which can be incredibly challenging when you’re competing with social media, PlayStation and computer games. Sometimes the intangible benefits that aren’t always clear can be greater than simple benefits like learning a new skill or getting fit.


So why would your child benefit from learning Jiu Jitsu?


Increase in Self Confidence

Research by developmental psychologists has found that confidence in segmented areas (such as being able to defend themselves) often crosses over into other areas of the person’s life leading to a greater sense of control. BJJ is a simple, effective method for increasing a kid’s locus of control which leads them to believing that they are capable of greater things.


locus of control martial arts



The art of being patient is compounded through martial arts training through drills and meticulous study of the moves required to be a successful practitioner.



Through training and learning where their limitations lie, children find that they have a greater degree of self-control and respect for both themselves, parents and others.



With fun, repetition of key movements and exercises students learn how to focus in a fun environment which assists them with developing in school.



Having discipline, self-control and confidence all assist students in being strong leaders that are able to both take and give direction.


Creating and Achieving Goals

By giving students a new belt as they progress, it reinforces the concept of goal setting and the ranking system provides a tangible benefit for the child to continue training. By applying this skill to their school work a student can improve their grades in the same way.

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