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The truest wisdom is a resolute determination

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“A year from now you will wish you had started today”


I watched a video today, which made me think a lot about the human mind.

Usually, when you watch a video posted on Facebook about dreams, goals, determination, achievements and other self-stimulating subjects, you think about it for a couple of minutes, you get a boost of self esteem and determination, but it often fades away very quickly and you find yourself sitting in the couch again with no desire to get up and take action.

What caught my eye in this particular video, were the first 20 seconds. Jon Calvo, this extraordinary human being, placed a camera on a fixed point and started to film his shirtless body as he rotated, making sure the camera captured every single angle of his body. He is 155 kilos and has been overweight his whole life.

Those first 20 seconds record a moment of his life where he decided that enough is enough. He has been picked on his whole life because of his weight; his confidence and self-esteem were being crushed daily by the 155 kilos he was carrying. However, at that moment, when he decided to take his shirt of and record his dream crushing body, every single cell of his body, like 300 Spartans, was focused on one goal: To eliminate the one thing that held him back his whole life.

At that point he was very far from his goal, months away, but the only thing he could see was the finishing line, the Promised Land where his weight would no longer crush his dreams, where his confidence and self-esteem were breathing easily and moving around with no obstacles.

This is the worst and most daunting part of any journey. It’s when we tend to focus on the distance we must cover, the hills and narrow bridges on our ways, we start looking for shortcuts or excuses to get us out of that long and painful journey.

Most people find a very good excuse and turn their backs on the journey, but Jon Calvo decided for the road less travelled.

He looks at the distance he needs to cover, and he is glad to know he will have time to admire his fears fading away. He looks at the narrow bridge and he is thankful he won’t have to enter the water. He looks at the hill, and he smiles to the fact that his dreams are just behind that last obstacle.

Mr. I-am-crushing-my-enemy knows that there are no shortcuts to anything worth achieving. He knows that his will is stronger than the excuses and set backs he finds on the way.

Jon Calvo knows that pain is temporary but glory is forever.

The video below is a summary of this journey and proof that fears are easily destructed by determination.

The journey to your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt will be full of challenges but I can assure you that once you get there you will live the rest of your life knowing that you succeeded where most failed.


“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?”  Henry Ford



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