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5 Ways to Avoid a Training Rut

avoid a training rut bjj

It can feel absolutely amazing, jumping into your bed after you’ve finished a stressful day at work and topped it off with an awesome Brazilian Jiu Jitu work out. I mean, think about it, why wouldn’t you feel great knowing that you are on the road to mastering something that once seemed nearly impossible to achieve? Although, consistency is great, sticking to the exact same routine can actually work against you in a lot of cases.

Learn great techniques — and speed up your progress — with 5 ways to keep you out of a Jiu Jitsu rut.


1. Have a Kickass Playlist.
Hearing a great track can be incredibly motivating when you are training and scientists have actually found that music that is played at a particular tempo has been shown to increase performance at the gym. Plus, listening to a tune that you love creates some excellent positive vibes to keep you motivated to train.


2. Those that train together tap together
Find friends, family members or partners to train with.  Having someone along for the ride can be up to 80% more effective in making sure that we make it to jiu jitsu training.  But the benefits don’t stop there… If you find a training buddy who lives close to you in the inner west it can drive you to train harder and learn faster. Your bjj intensity can increase by 200% if you believe that your partner is a little bit better than you.


3. Make it fun with games

Stop burnout from setting in by having fun with your training routine. When you are sparring, put yourself in a particular position as much as you can and count how many times you can escape. You could also consider downloading a bjj app that teaches you new moves and keeps you ahead of the game when you come to training.


4. Think about your belt
Achieving a higher belt or stripe can be an excellent motivator for training smarter and harder. The grading system is designed to reward practitioners who go above and beyond in their training routines and demonstrate additional skill during a session. Use the belt as a physical representation of what you have added  to your repertoire of moves.


5. Remember to sleep 
Having enough sleep at night not only increases your motivation levels and makes it easier to make it to training, it actually assists in recovery for your body after you have finished training. Catching some zzzz’s is a great way to supercharge your training routine and getting out of bed after a good night’s rest feels awesome!

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