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Self defence is a topic that is often greatly neglected until it is too late.  Women in particular can be targeted for their smaller stature as they can be perceived as less of a threat to a perpetrator than a large man who the assailant assumes would have greater means to fight back.

The beauty of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that a much smaller opponent can be just as effective against a larger opponent due to the levers of the human body.

The worst thing to do is to wait until something happens. In many cases women will only consider learning martial arts after they experience an event that positioned them as a victim. Unfortunately the only way to combat being un-ready is consistent training in techniques that prepare the body and the mind for a stressful situation that would demand fast action and excellent timing.

Gracie Barra St Peters structures it’s programs so that people of all ages and walks of life are able to join and learn how effective self defence can be – not to mention how much fun you can have getting fit and making friends!

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