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6 tips for an awesome diet

healthy food

Whilst it is quite counter-intuitive,  one of the best ways to stay in a good mood and keep your motivation levels high is through healthy eating.

When you are training, your body is going to respond more effectively if you are filling it with good nutrition as well as exercise when you train in Jiu Jitsu.

Due to our busy lifestyles, we can often forget that a healthy diet should accompany a healthy lifestyle. This is why the team here at Gracie Barra St Peters has compiled this list of 6 tips for an awesome diet.

1. Eat consistently throughout the day

Ensuring that you eat every two to three hours has a compounding effect. The first thing that it does is stabilise your blood sugar levels which gives you an energy boost consistently throughout the day.  Your body will also be less likely to store excess energy and instead of storing more fat, you will get rid of the energy when you visit the bathroom. Remember, a meal can be as simple as a piece of fruit. Just make sure that you are keeping the fuel sources coming in.

2. Consume lots of protein

The interesting thing about protein is that your body has to work very hard to break it down. The reason for this is it is made up of compounds known as amino acids which are tightly bonded. The costly breaking down process is where the energy expenditure happens. The benefit being that you generally lose weight on a high protein diet due to how hard the body is working to break the food down.

3. Mix in fruit and vegetables with all your meals

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is great for your body. With many vegetables being high in fibre and iron, from a nutritional perspective alone, you are at an advantage if you include many greens in your diet. The other awesome thing about fruits and vegetables is that they are usually enough to substantiate your carbohydrate demands so you don’t have to consume lots of breads and rice grains to feel full.

4. Enjoy your healthy fats

Nuts, seeds, fish oils, olive oil and avocados all contain healthy fats that are incredibly important in keeping a well-balanced diet. Fat is our primary source of fuel. Consuming good fats isn’t just good for your digestive system, they can also be better for raising your good cholesterol which is beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

5. Avoid supplements, instead eat whole foods

Drinking protein has a different effect to eating a high protein meal. Aim to consume your food in its rawest state (no I don’t mean stop cooking it!). Many supplements are filled with sugar or caffeine which isn’t necessarily the best fuel for your body and keeping a well-balanced diet.

6. Allow cheat meals

Have you ever seen a super skinny girl rip a chocolate bar out of her bag, nibble on it a little bit and then put it away? Allowing a small amount of cheating is important to keep up healthy habits. If you cut everything out you are most likely going to get frustrated and binge which can lead to more binging which is definitely not healthy. If you have a successful week, let yourself have a meal that isn’t good for you but is enough of a treat to keep you going. If you are being disciplined, you deserve it.

Also, remember, the best supplement to a great diet is to come train BJJ in St Peters with our helpful team. We are always happy to meet more residents in the inner west of Sydney.

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