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The Gracie-Barra academy is one of the most widely recognized teams in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, who has by far the most affiliated academies throughout the world and over 500 registered black belts, having set the standards for organization in the BJJ fight game. The team’s creator, Carlos Gracie Junior built the team in the 1980’s making the most of a fantastic generation of students which he transformed into talented competitors who went on to dominate many of the world’s most important tournaments.

The History of Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Though Gracie Barra was officially inaugurated in 1986, its story actually started a few years prior, on 1983, when Carlos Gracie Jr (Gracie Barra’s founder) took control of the team left by Rolls Gracie, after his brother’s tragic death. “Carlinhos” had been the head coach of the main Gracie academy for a few years, coaching alongside Rickson Gracie before heading to Rolls Gracie’s school to be an assistant instructor there. Rolls was a great influence to Carlos who stayed at the helm of his brother’s group for 3 years before deciding to open his own place at the Barra da Tijuca suburb in Rio de Janeiro.

Barra da Tijuca was a neighborhood popular among surfers who visited Barra and neighboring Recreio for its waves. Many didn’t think Carlos Gracie Junior’s experiment would be successful as the area was not as heavily populated as downtown Rio and too far away from the buzz of “Zona Sul”, but Carlinhos did not pay much attention to the disbelievers, and in one year turned his 20 students into a group of 200 strong. The team started being called Gracie Barra because people would refer to the academy as “os Gracie da Barra” (the Gracies from Barra). The terminology ended up being shortened to Gracie-Barra and used as a way to differentiate the two schools (Gracie Academy and Barra Gracie).

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-jitsu St Peters was inaugurated in 2013 and is leaded by Fabio Bertolli, a former student of Ryan Gracie and Marcelo Rezende.

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